Clean And Care For Your Infrared Thermometer
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Clean And Care For Your Infrared Thermometer

Jun. 05, 2021

Clean And Care For Your Infrared Thermometer

To be accurate, infrared thermometers need to be kept away from dirt, dust, humidity, fog, smoke, and debris. When these conditions exist, you may need to consider other tools to measure surface temperature, such as surface temperature probes and non-infrared thermometers.

When your infrared thermometer is exposed to dirt, dust, smoke or humidity, be sure to take time to clean your infrared thermometer. You should also plan to clean regularly every six months or so. Special care should be taken to keep the infrared lens or opening clean and free of debris.

To clean the infrared thermometer:

Use a soft cloth or cotton swab moistened with water or medical alcohol-never use soap or chemicals

Wipe the lens carefully and then wipe the thermometer

Let the lens dry completely before using the thermometer

Do not immerse any part of your infrared thermometer in water.

Store the thermometer between 4-65°C and avoid extreme temperatures during storage.

Always make sure that you protect your infrared thermometer from being dropped or knocked.

Also be careful to protect your infrared thermometer from drops or shocks. Handy lanyards or wrist straps are available for some units.

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